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Christmas pictures

Added the Christmas holiday pictures to the gallery. Pics include various family houses in a post-Katrina state. Advertisements

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A Land of Blue Tarps

I don’t think I ever saw much of this in the national press so I thought I’d blog about it. The New Orleans/Gulf Coast region is a sea of blue tarps. If you called FEMA and said you lost your … Continue reading

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20 Dead Ducks

Yep, pops and I had a successful duck hunt. They were all mallards. I don’t know the breakdown between drakes and hens, but there were a lot of greenheads in there. Bay Area folks, sorry but these are all spoken … Continue reading

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Quick observations about New Orleans

I’ve decided not to roll around the city and take pictures of the destruction. The other news sources have done a good enough job. Instead, I’m going to relay a few things I noticed:   – Texas license plates are … Continue reading

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Amazon, how I hate thee

Amazon continues to amaze me. Every year, they find a new and ingenious way to make me hate them more and more. This year, it’s the stupidity of their help system and obfuscation/hiding of their customer service phone number. Now, … Continue reading

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Christmas in New Olreans

Meant to update this before I left the Bay Area, but I guess it slipped my mind. I’m in New Orleans for Christmas. I’ll return on December 30th. I have no idea what I’m going to do for New Year’s … Continue reading

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We so suck (MSN)

If I were a big shareholder, I’d call for wholesale regime change at MSN. Stupid, stupid idiots. In case you didn’t hear, our talks with AOL about taking their ad business broke down. Google ended up buying part of the … Continue reading

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