We so suck (MSN)

If I were a big shareholder, I’d call for wholesale regime change at MSN. Stupid, stupid idiots. In case you didn’t hear, our talks with AOL about taking their ad business broke down. Google ended up buying part of the company for cash in exchange for it. That’s 11% of their business right there. Instead, we got bogged down on some lame, big, grandiose, over-arching plan about revolutionizing ad delivery. Idiots. Just GET THEM IN HOUSE THEN CHANGE SHIT. Morons. David Cole, you’re fired. You should be. If not, you still have to go to bed a night knowing that you’re blithering, idiotic retard. Great job guys. My resume will be going up shortly. MSN has no future without ads. This was the best way to grab ad share quickly. morons.
UPDATE: Here’s a link to a great cartoon on the whole affair:

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