Amazon, how I hate thee

Amazon continues to amaze me. Every year, they find a new and ingenious way to make me hate them more and more. This year, it’s the stupidity of their help system and obfuscation/hiding of their customer service phone number. Now, keep in mind that I gave up shopping at Amazon (for myself) a long time ago. To be honest, they’re really horrible and their prices are no good. I shop locally and support the neighborhood stores. Call me old fashioned. I also like how the local places a) give me discounts and b) give me the goods right away.
Here’s this year’s Amazon screw up:
For the past several years, I’ve maintained a "wish-list" on Amazon. I put things on there (CD, books, movies, etc) and as occasions arise (birthday & Christmas), my family members can order things off the wish list and send them to me. Generally, it works out ok. I get something I want, and I don’t get duplicates. However, when something goes wrong, Amazon shows how much they truly suck. Case in point, my mom’s order this year for Christmas. On December 11th, she places an order for some items off my wish list. She checks everything and makes sure it will arrive in time for Christmas. No problem says Amazon’s system — everything will arrive on the 22nd. Well the days come and go, and lo, no goods from Amazon. Amazon says the order shipped USPS. The USPS says it’s waiting to pick up the package; they don’t have it yet. Sounds like a disagreement here, let’s ring Amazon customer service on the phone and see what’s up. Hrmm where’s that number? Wait, it’s not listed ANYWHERE on the site. There’s no "contact us" link, no "customer service" link, and when you type in "customer service" into the search bar you get books and CD’s on good customer service. Oh the irony! Amazon is selling other people books on how to give good customer service and here they are failing miserably at it. I finally figured out that you have to use their stupid self-help system to get through to an email address (not a phone number!). The wizards are totally retarded and have some conflicting question-answer groups. Seriously, they’re really really really bad. If you check, I have a question about this order, it just sends you to the tracking page. You have to check I have a question about an order not listed to get to the help form. It goes on and on with counter-intuitive (probably designed in India) questions. Finally managed to help my mom snake through their system and write a flame mail. Hope they at least give her some money back.
Amazon, you get a F this year. Again. Three in a row!

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1 Response to Amazon, how I hate thee

  1. Gary says:

    WTF emailing customer service, use the find-a-human cheat sheet!

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