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blech sick

Sorry if I’m a little slow getting back to people, but I’ve got a nasty chest cold.

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Review: The Matador

Overall, an entertaining movie. Pierce Brosnan was casted brilliantly in this role. I dunno, it was just funny to see such a suave, with-it person playing an over the hill, broken hitman. It was really funny, too with a ton … Continue reading

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fear my PG&E bill

Someone was questioning why I need dual 3.06 ghz Xeons in my home coputer. To them, I offer this picture. Yes, I need 6 ghz of processing power, and I’ll do it the good ‘ol fashioned single-core route thank you … Continue reading

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Cops are slow

Early this morning,there was some violence going down next door. I don’t know exactly what happened, but I’m guessing that the normally docile, drunken Mexicans next door had some sort of spat. It started at 4:30 am today with a … Continue reading

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Cops aren’t smart

Sorta smart but not smart enough. For those of you who don’t know, there are websites known as social networking sites where people get together. The list their friends (who in turn list their friends), post pictures of themselves, list … Continue reading

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iTunes isn’t smart

It doesn’t properly handle "albums" which span multiple CD’s. It has fields for "disc x of y", but it just plays all of the tracks in order, regardless of disc number. That is, all of the track 1’s, then all … Continue reading

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Do not buy/install Visual Studio 2005

Horrible. Worthless. Destructive.   All words used to describe Visual Studio 2005. If you’re currently coding up projects in Visual Studio 2003 and things are generally working out ok for you, stick with it. Do not upgrade to VS2005. It … Continue reading

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