iTunes isn’t smart

It doesn’t properly handle "albums" which span multiple CD’s. It has fields for "disc x of y", but it just plays all of the tracks in order, regardless of disc number. That is, all of the track 1’s, then all of the track 2’s, etc. Come on folks, you put in functionality for disc number — use it properly. Once again Apple proves that they have good ideas but stumble in execution.

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2 Responses to iTunes isn’t smart

  1. Gary says:

    How do you know it\’s iTunes? Everyone grabs album listings from Gracenote, and its always some horrible "[Disc 1 of 2]" or something. They don\’t have an explicit button for "convert a box set of music from disc".

  2. Richard says:

    Actually, iTunes omitted the "[Disc 1 of 2]" junk and just listed the title of the album. It then went and filled in the disc x of y fields. I checked Gracenote and FreeDDB which both had the horrible "[Disc 1 of 2]" junk. So this is something where Apple is trying on purpose to be smart, but they\’re failing miserably. They\’re detecting the "[Disc 1 of 2]" stuff from Gracenote, stripping off the end and using the tokens in the suffix to populate their ID3 tags. Too bad their player ignores the ID3 disc tags altogether.

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