Cops are slow

Early this morning,there was some violence going down next door. I don’t know exactly what happened, but I’m guessing that the normally docile, drunken Mexicans next door had some sort of spat. It started at 4:30 am today with a loud crash. I woke up immediately to figure out what was happening (it sounded lke someone was trying to break in). Following the crash there were some muffled noises and the sound of someone getting hit. Then about 10 seconds later I heard about 6-10 voices speaking Spanish, more stuff breaking, and then even louder voices. At this point, I heard my downstairs neighbor call Johnny Law (we both keep our windows open at night).  The yelling  went on for a few minutes before the people in my building started closing their windows facing the other building. I kept mine open as I was wired and wanted to figure out what was going on. Unfortunately, substituting French for Spanish only goes so far — but I can almost guarantee that it was over a woman. That much I do know.
So why the title? Well this started at exactly 4:30 am. Downstairs neighbor called police at 4:31. EMT/ambulance arrives at 4:37. Police arrive at 4:51. A 20 minute response time! Wow….that’s really bad. I used to have faith in SFPD, not any more.  Good thing we banned handguns which could be used for self-defense. Nope, that’s not allowed in San Francisco. You’re only allowed to dial 911 and pray that you can fend off your attacker for 20 minutes. Good thing my dad is sending up that Beretta I shoot. I’d love to see SF try and ban longguns now.
No sleep beyond 4:30 am this morning. I’m wired and tired.

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