Cops aren’t smart

Sorta smart but not smart enough. For those of you who don’t know, there are websites known as social networking sites where people get together. The list their friends (who in turn list their friends), post pictures of themselves, list their favorite movies/music, etc. Well one of the better social networking sites for colleges is called It’s popular with the young kids because you have to have a university/college email address (.edu) to get into it. It keeps the old fogeys away.
Anyway, one of the more popular things on some campuses is to spread word of a party using Facebook. Think of it as the younger kids version of evite. Well these kids at one school were setting up parties on Facebook, but they kept getting busted up by the police. Eventually, someone put two and two together. Yes, the local fuzz were on the Facebook, too. Whenever a party was posted, they busted it. These kids were determined to turn the cops’ great new weapon on themselves. Well….you can read all about it here at the Inquirer (no not that Inquirer).
Which brings me back to my "cops aren’t smart" comment. Let’s compare this to a similar situation in history — say when the English cracked Enigma (I don’t care what Hollywood says it wasn’t the Americans). Now, the Brits were reading every single message the Germans sent. Did they act on every order and tip off the Germans that they knew what was going on? No! They only moved on the juicy bits. The English were very discreet. These cops were not.

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  1. Gary says:

    What about Purple, history boy? That was one of the best kept secrets.

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