Ramadan party

Disclaimer forsensitive Muslims: "A childish nickname (Ramadan) given to this event in 1999, which was a simpler time. Now it is too much of a tradition to change. This debauchery has nothing to do with the real Ramadan or Islam, which is a religion of peace, like the President always says. We don’t mean to offend anyone."
I guess we really should call this party Eid since it’s the end of Ramadan. Anyway, this year’s Ramadan party was held at Steel’s place again. Except this year, it was bitter cold and occurred during the beginning of the worst blizzard in US history. That kept a few people from showing up, but we still had a good crowd. Hell, I flew 6 hours each way to make it to this party. Blizzard be damned; good times were had by all.
Since Sophie didn’t have a place to put her pictures, I created a sub-album within mine at http://www.richardhesse.com/gallery/sophie
Yes, the party really was as much fun as the pictures indicated. The flip-cup was quite intense.

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