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I am getting old

Random things heard this past week:   "Well no wonder you know everything, you’re only 20 years older than I am."  – Jess at Trivia Night   "Why aren’t you a manager yet, you’re in your late 30’s." – Ex … Continue reading

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I must be getting old

I’m no longer 0-day with the new lingo. I feel like my father now.   [13:45] kaiton: splink[13:45] rhesse: what about splink?[13:47] kaiton: splink is the new ping

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Resurrection: Lords of Acid

So I was fighting off a lack of sleep and minor hangover this morning on the couch while watching F1. Then I decided to clean up the place a little and needed some muzak to make the business go faster. … Continue reading

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New Formula 1 Qualifying format = sweet

Ok, the new F1 qualifying format gets a big thumbs up in my book. Here’s an article which briefly describes the first run with the new system. In short, there’s a knockout system. First round, everyone has 15 minutes to put … Continue reading

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Why I won’t move to Seattle/Redmond

Why? Because I already live in SF. Seattle is on its way to becoming SF 2.0. Thanks, but I’ll stick with the OG SF flava.   " Seattle and San Francisco have long shared similarities, from water-bound geography, liberal politics, … Continue reading

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Thai House Express — good stuff!

I had a craving for thai food come lunch time. So I walked down Larkin into the ‘Loin, remembering that there’s a decent looking Thai place around the corner from the Castle. Ends up that the place is called Thai House Express and … Continue reading

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F U Emeril Part Two

Yes, the Emeril hatred rolls on with a brand new edition.   Imagine the scene: 5 Carolina grads wrecking shop at the NYNY blackjack tables. As a table, we were up about $1800. Pretty good stuff. Things are sweet, the … Continue reading

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