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Whoever has the $2.4 billion please return it to SVC4/1906

Seriously, $2.4 billion dollars on "research?" Are we "researching" a small portion of Yahoo! or Ebay? I know what I’m working on and it aint nowhere near $2.4 billion. This has me seriously intrigued.   Looks like BillG … Continue reading

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Back from NYC

Back from New York and all I can say is that I had a great time. Ran into some old friends from college and met some new ones. Good stuff all around. The pics are up:   I’d really … Continue reading

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Damn Joe!

Oh why did I get bored and start reading people’s old blog entries?   Joe’s entry about the good ‘ol days of Hotmail (I was there for a good number) had me reminiscing about what it would be like "to … Continue reading

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Gallery is back!

After much prodding of Andrew to fix PHP and some hacking of my own, the gallery is back online. I’m sure everyone was just dying from anticipation.

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Sure we want to send all of our jobs here?

"An icon of south Indian cinema and star of more than 200 films, Rajkumar, died on Wednesday, sparking widespread violence as distraught fans torched buses and ripped hoardings in the country’s hi-tech hub."   From   Riiiight. An actor … Continue reading

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Still in a white tee

I was having dinner Thursday night with Matt and Sarah when she started to discuss my work attire of jeans and a t-shirt. I think Dem Franchize Boyz put it best:   I’m richer than a sumbitch and still in … Continue reading

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Rep. Artur Davis is the bomb

He’s on Kudlow and Cramer right now, and he’s the only calm, rational voice in the crowd. He’s got some good stuff to say and doesn’t come across like a screaming zealot. Props to Alabama for electing someone like him. … Continue reading

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