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Love it. Trading is back! The buy and holders are sweating bullets but this stock market is fantastic for active traders.

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Interesting MSFT conspiracy theory

On Sunday my friends Matt and Sarah asked me why MSFT had dropped so much. I started rambling about R&D overspends, paying to ramp up xbox 360 production, Vista delays, and so on. Maybe that really isn’t the case as … Continue reading

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No more 2.5-5.0 scale at MSFT

Meh whatever I had a good lifetime review average. Oh well.   No we’re going to a check, check plus, check minus system. Not called that but that’s what it’s like.   But now we’re getting ratings too, just like … Continue reading

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Why Yahoo! is still cooler than Google

At least Yahoo! is not too full of it to make fun of themselves. Google on the other hand….

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End of the Web 2.0 Bubble

We’re calling it now. It’s the top. The end of the Web 2.0 frenzy.   Our reasoning? High oil? Surging inflation? Devaluing dollar? No. Not even that fancy.   Someone’s moving into the Excite@Home campus on 101. Yeah, that big … Continue reading

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Well I was right and I was wrong

Well, the NDX (Nasdaq 100) did break its trendline and it broke it in a big way. That I was right about (see entry from a few days ago). I was a little off on the timing though. I was … Continue reading

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JazzFest pics are up  

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