Google may have money….

But they have no class.
Google is throwing a party in New Orleans for the librarian convention. Of all places they picked Muriel’s….
1) I lived in New Orleans for roughly 19 years. I never went to this place. I’d never heard of this place. I’d never heard of anyone going there.
2) The place opened in 2004 and has a "history" page on its website. Sorry babe, you don’t get to do that in Nawlins until you pass the century mark. This aint everything-is-new-Kollyfawnia. It’s Nawlins. We old and stuff.
3) I can think of a dozen awesome restaurants with much better food, history, and ambiance that are in that area. Primarily, Antoines or Galatoires. Yes, Galatoires rents up the upstairs for parties if you got clout. Pops has done it.
Oh well Google, I guess there really are some things money can’t buy you. Namely, respect in Washington DC and a private party at Galatoire’s.

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