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I love Scrappy

Need I say more?   mckay: but i wanna work againrhesse: work huhmckay: i should just finance a nice small war in a 3rd world countryrhesse: you must be bored out of your skullmckay: and take out puts on their … Continue reading

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PS leaves Yahoo!

No more yogurtboy at the Y!

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Seriously Ann Coulter, you just need to hang it up   Henry thinks you should. He makes a damn good argument too.

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Anyone in the Cakebread wine club?

Was in Napa this weekend and I’m tempted to join the Cakebread wine club. But I don’t know to go with the "Reds Only" one or the "Reds and Whites." Any recommendations?

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Love the new Adidas commercials

I just love the new Adidas commericals that they’re showing during the World Cup. I especially like the part where the kid picks Beckenbauer and everyone’s like "Beckenbauer?" I’m a huge fan of Franz so that rocked my world. Here’s … Continue reading

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World Cup increases productivity

I always hear about how the world cup is such a drain on the economy because everyone skips work to watch the games. OK Mr. Smartypants explain this to me, it’s 8 AM on a Monday and I"m at work. I … Continue reading

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Pics are up from Wine Country Classic 2006

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