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Why Dell is doomed

As many of you already know, Dell is on its way out of business. The company is doomed for many reasons.   1) They get most of their revenues from corporate spending. Corporate spending has been light for the past … Continue reading

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Guilty pleasure: Mexican Polka music

Ok ok ok, I admit it. I like Mexican Polka music. When I first moved into my new apartment, I thought it was repetitive and grating. After a year in my new place (where the windows are always open), not … Continue reading

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Could have a new bike by mid-week….

This past weekend, I took my MSF riding class. Then on Wednesday I completed the classroom portion. Well today I got my certificate from them!   So I’m going to try and hit up the DMV on Fell early tomorrow … Continue reading

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Crazy looking two-toned lobster

"Dude, it’s half orange and half, like, regular color for a lobster," exclaimed Alyssa Bonin, 12, of Webster, Mass.   "One side is the usual mottled dark green. The other side is the orange-red shade of a lobster that’s already … Continue reading

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New riding gear

Got some new motorcycle gear last weekend. Sweet stuff!    

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Jon Stewart hilarity continues

effing hilarious   "You see, the Internet is a bunch of tubes."

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Quote of the day

"I’d rather hump a hooker without a condom than buy returned merchandise from Fry’s. Your odds with the hooker are better."

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