Guilty pleasure: Mexican Polka music

Ok ok ok, I admit it. I like Mexican Polka music. When I first moved into my new apartment, I thought it was repetitive and grating. After a year in my new place (where the windows are always open), not only have I grown to tolerate it….I actually like it.
It dawned on me this week when I caught myself mid-booty-shake and head-bob in a song. I reflected a little and realized I’ve liked it for a few weeks. Crazy stuff. Now, I don’t sing along with the "YEYE! YEYE! YEYE! YEYE!" like my neighbors do, but it’s really good stuff.
Maybe I was destined to live in the barrio all along…

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2 Responses to Guilty pleasure: Mexican Polka music

  1. Gary says:

    Norteno is their gangsta rap, yo.

  2. Andrew says:


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