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Don’t drink and watch this at the same time. I can’t be responsible for what happens….

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Back from New Orleans

I’m back from Nawlins and fully recharged. Well, that’s a partial truth. I will be recharged tomorrow. I’m pretty tired as it is. I’ll write more later, but for now this is all I have to say about my trip: … Continue reading

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Ah Dell…

Dell recalled 4.1 million batteries today. A step in the right direction. Still, fodder for the funnies:  

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The Feds totally screwed up today

First, let me be the first to congratulate the fine ladies and gentlemen in UK law enforcement who apprehended these suspects and disrupted their terrorism plans. I say suspects because here in the US, we have this notion of a … Continue reading

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Finally something to set the West Coasters straight

I hate how people on the west coast call anything that goes on a grill, barbecue. It’s annoying to all hell. Grilling != barbecueing. If you think you’re barbecueing, you’re not. You know if you are or not.   For … Continue reading

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New motorcycle!

So some of you already know that I got a new bike 2 days ago. This is for those of you who don’t know or who haven’t seen it yet.   Anyway, it’s totally sweet! It’s a great city bike. … Continue reading

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Oh Dell you doubly suck

"Dear Valued Customer,We have reviewed your order. Although we had anticipated being able to ship your order sooner, we are experiencing an unexpected delay with your order xxxxxxxxxx and will not be able to ship this order and any associated … Continue reading

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