The Feds totally screwed up today

First, let me be the first to congratulate the fine ladies and gentlemen in UK law enforcement who apprehended these suspects and disrupted their terrorism plans. I say suspects because here in the US, we have this notion of a burden of proof. That is, innocent until proven guilty. I think the UK is actually the opposite, but I can’t say for sure. Anyone? If these suspects do end up being the right baddies, good show chaps.
However, our government totally screwed things up. Seriously, they did made just about every wrong decision they could have. Let’s go through them (oh how I love numbered lists!):
1) They increase the terror alert level thinger to red. Red is the highest level, you can’t go any higher. I wonder what they will do when an actual terrorist attack happens. Let me get this straight, the Brits did their jobs, arrested suspects, and prevented anything bad from happening and you jack up the alert level? Huh? WTF? YOU’VE ARRESTED THE BAD GUYS! They are detained. They can’t blow you up from jail in shackles. It’s not like they’re running around planning, plotting, and terrorizing. Or are they and we’re not getting the straight dope here?
2) What’s the first image they show after running the headline? Cops with automatic weapons. Now, this is just plain silly. Every police officer in the US is armed with a weapon. Some have sidearms, some have shotguns. But they’re all issued a weapon. This isn’t the UK where every 5th guy gets a gun. There are more guns in the US than all of the warzones of the world put together. Ok that was a hyperbole, but you get the point. They’ve already got guns. They’re trained to use their guns in a manner to deliver deadly force. So now all of a sudden they need bigger guns? They’re not shooting at Jaws — just regular people. The natural rebuttal is that "Oh you’re not getting the point. It’s all about deterrence." No, I do get that and that’s where most people are wrong. That show of force isn’t going to deter anyone from doing anything. They’re not attacking the damn airport, they’re attacking planes! The guys with big guns are not on planes! It’s flat out silly. All it does is scare Americans and make them feel not safe. It’s a total propoganda move. It’s annoying, insulting, and just asinine. Then again, they want to breed a culture of fear. Rule by fear? Sounds familiar. Didn’t some Russian and German blokes do something along those lines?
3) The liquids. What’s with the liquids? Seriously folks. This is just plain retarded. The next thing you know, we’ll only be allowed to be wheeled aboard planes like Hannibal Lecter and propped up against each other for the whole flight. Soon, belts will be banned because you could strangle people with them. Just wait until they figure that one out…. Do something useful like banning laptops. I’m serious! Modern laptops have demanding power requirements that require beefier and beefier batteries to operate. You might not realize it, but that battery you so casually throw around your office is a damn bomb waiting to go off. Don’t believe me? Go here, here, here, and here. Yeah, those things done blow’d up. You can’t bring a coke on a plane, but you can bring a nickel metal hydride bomb. Bangup job guys!
I could go on with 4, 5, 6, and 7 if I weren’t so damn tired. But I am. It doesn’t matter because I’m right. How do I know this? Wall Street said so. If Bush’s crew were right and 1,2,3 were wrong, the market would have sold off sharply. But it didn’t! It went up! The traders said, "Let’s think about this….terror plot foiled…baddies arrested…no Americans harmed….no American property destroyed….price of oil is down….Why are we debating this? BUY! BUY! BUY!" Um yeah. That was the mentality. The Street is always right. Always.
In closing, I’ll take a line from the Republicans when Slick Willie was in office.
I love my country, but I fear my government.

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7 Responses to The Feds totally screwed up today

  1. Richard says:

    YouTube link to more exploding batteries:

    Oh, sorry and those batteries are lithium ion (Li-Ion) not nickel metal hydride (NiMH). Whatever, they still catch on fire.

  2. Gary says:

    Read the freaking NYTimes.  What the other non-economic reason for this historical thing called the American Revolution was to overthrow this European pre-supposition of guilty-until-proven-innocent.  You\’re in a country that cuts loose even corner drug dealers and petty panhandlers in 48 hrs or less, unless charged by presumatively prosecutable evidence.  What you don\’t see is a Britain whose society is wholly comfortable detaining suspects without charge for 28 days, and socially acceptable common-law surveillance of everyone.
    We do that too, except we send them to Castro\’s backyard and then constantly debate in our open society why this is good/bad.  Yes, times like this demonstrate what it is to be American.  A true American is always at odds balancing idealism and the ugly world other people inhabit.

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