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Interesting trivia about MSFT

Year to date, Microsoft stock (MSFT) is outperforming Google (GOOG) and is neck-and-neck with Apple (AAPL).   MSFT and AAPL are both up about 2.5% YTD, and GOOG is down a little over 6%. If you throw in dividend returns, … Continue reading

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Microsoft Sucks, Too

And about 10 minutes after pulling my hair out with iTunes, I decide to fire up WMP11 and download some songs while my free trial on Urge is still going….    

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Why iTunes sucks even more (part II)

Umm….yeah. Go go iTunes! Kwality. Because everything from Apple just works. Sorta. Kinda. Well maybe sometimes. Yes, fear my MS Paint skeelz.   EDIT: OK so MSN Spaces sucks too. It won’t let me upload JPEGs without resizing them. That … Continue reading

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Richard Branson reads my blog   "Virgin Atlantic said people travelling on its international frights with Apple or Dell machines can only travel with their notebooks if the batteries are removed and made safe."   From my post about the topic, "Do something useful … Continue reading

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