Update on MSFT YTD performance

That’s the sound of all the Google and Apple cheerleaders. Yep, Microsoft is outperforming both of them now year to date. I’d actually expect this lead to widen going into the end of the year as fund manager chase performance. Fund managers aren’t hitting the returns that the indexes are, so they’re desperate to buy in at any price where the action is. Right now, the action is in the Dow Industrials as it’s hitting new all-time highs. MSFT is a component of the DJX, so we’re going to benefit. Go-go megacap rally! Full disclosure, I liquidated my MSFT employee options at 28.50, but I still own a ton in my 401k and control a fair amount of MSFT stock through call LEAPS.
The photo upload tool will probably shrink this thing to an unreadable size, but here are the stats:
MSFT up 5% YTD.
AAPL up .5% YTD.
GOOG down 2% YTD.
Here’s the chart:

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1 Response to Update on MSFT YTD performance

  1. Gary says:

    Meh.  My 401K YTD is outperforming the \’soft 🙂

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