Motorcycle update

Good news bad news.
Bad news, after taking off the handlebar weight the throttle still won’t turn freely. The outside tube is binding on the handlebar. I tried banging the handlebar straight but no dice. I figured that I wouldnt’ be able to (they’re pretty strong) but tried anyway.
Good news, I got the bike towed to BMW SF by Steve the Bike Guy (415.823.3550). Great guy and only cost $50 for a proper motorcycle tow. The other good news is that aside from the throttle, the other damage appears to be plasticky comestic stuff. I snapped the starter and kill switch back into the housing and all is good there. One of the turn indicators is ok other than the outside cover (prolly a $10 part). The other indicator is broken (again) but I might be able to rig it up.
So hopefully I can get the handlebars replaced for like $200 and be back in action without having to deal with insurance. Hopefully.

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