Quick update

Just a few updates here.

Got my bike back on Friday morning. It’s all in one piece again and runs ok. Overall tab was $725. On top of needing a new handlebar, I needed a new throttle tube (w/heated grip) and my forks needed to be straightened. Ugh. Major pain in the wallet, but I’m just glad to get my bike back.

Went to the motorcycle show in San Mateo with Jake on Saturday. Even though we were both hungover and tired from the night before, we still had a good time. It’s really nice to be able to see (and sit on) so many bikes from every manufacturer in such a short time. Yeah, the Ducatis are mostly nice (the Monsters are just stupid I’m sorry), and I wouldn’t mind owning one. However, I’ve decided that I’m going to need a covered, secure parking spot before trading up to anything nicer than what I currently ride. I just can’t take the risk of something happening on the street to a nice bike. Back to the Ducatis, they had a Desmosedici RR there. To be honest, the 1098 looked a lot better (especially the Tricolore). Granted, the Desmo is a race bike through and through, but if I’m paying $65,000 for a motorcycle, I want it to look like the new hotness. Dunno, am I crazy for thinking that the 1098 looks better?

Speaking of insanely fast, expensive bikes, I’ve found my new drug. BMW K1200R Sport. I’ve been all about the K1200R for the past year, but OMG IS THE SPORT EFFING HOT. UNF!

Oh yeah, I’ve decided to sell my car when I get back from Christmas. Now that I’m in the city fulltime, I really have no need for it. It’s kinda silly for me to keep it (and keep moving it around on street cleaning days).

The Oppo DVD player that I bought is insanely great. Seriously, it does an excellent job of showing DVD content on my new TV at 1080p. I watched Ghost in the Shell, Band of Brothers, and Dust to Glory — all came out beautifully.

Saints lost today to the Redskins. WTF? Too much partying after whooping Cowboy ass last week?

In leaving, I remembered a great ad from a while back. Here’s the link on YouTube. Also, here’s a Quebecois parody that someone did (equally good).


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  1. Gary says:

    Merry Christmas.  Happy New Year\’s in Bali, Jakarta, whatever.

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