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An omen?

On the night that I sold my Audi S4, we get hail in San Francisco. For those of you who know how hail forms, you understand that it just doesn’t happen in San Francisco. The conditions just aren’t right. It … Continue reading

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Long live the S4. The S4 is dead.

Well, not really dead. Just gone. I sold it tonight.   Overall, I’m more sad than anything. It was a great car — ran like a scalded cat yet very comfy and luxurious. Still, it wasn’t getting used much lately … Continue reading

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King cake at Powerset

I brought a little New Orleans flavor to the Powerset office today by overnighting a king cake from Gambino’s in New Orleans. Right now I’m sure my family is up in arms that I ordered a Gambino’s cake instead of … Continue reading

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OK I can’t take it anymore…

I seriously can’t stand to watch another commercial for the upcoming premiere of The Shield. Someone somewhere must have an advance copy on DVD or something. If anyone should happen to find that episode somewhere on the interwebs…… I’m not … Continue reading

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hahahah RoadShow rocks

From 2/14 edition of the San Jose Mercury News:  Test Question: Four cyclists coming from four different directions approach a four-way intersection with stop signs in all directions at the same time. Who has the right of way?Answer: Who cares? … Continue reading

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Oooof! Ramadan takes its toll

Well, I know many of you don’t care what I have to say but just want to look at the pictures. So without further delay, here they are.   Overall, we had a fantastic time as usual. Much merriment. Much … Continue reading

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For those of you wondering about the Ramadan party….

Here’s my post about last year’s party.

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