Oooof! Ramadan takes its toll

Well, I know many of you don’t care what I have to say but just want to look at the pictures. So without further delay, here they are.
Overall, we had a fantastic time as usual. Much merriment. Much celebrating. Much much much booze. It was great to see the old UNC crew again, especially some people who I haven’t seen in forever like Martha. The usual DC crew was in full effect. Steel’s sister flew in from South Africa (via Boston but who’s keeping score?). DJ Jazzy Jeff was repping Brooklyn on the iPod-tables. A new sound system was in full effect, "I had to go to Virginia to get that thing." The booze was flowing, the cups were flipping, photos were snapping, and folks were hobnobbing. Great stuff all around. Sunday morning was painful in many ways — the lack of sleep, the greasy quarter pounder with cheese in my belly fighting gutrot, and pounding headache. Moreso, it was tough to the leave the East Coast. Not so much the weather; it was bitter cold. No, it was tough to leave my college friends behind. I’m very lucky to have Matt, Sarah, and Tim living in San Francisco with me — I will not dispute that one bit. But it’s rough when 90% of your college friends are 3000+ miles away. Especially with such good friends that I have. I even got a little misty towards the end of the night.
Anyway, enough of that sappy crap. Time to get angry. United is starting to piss me off. SFO to IAD, no aircon for the whole flight. IAD to SFO, delayed for two and a half hours. Anger. Though mostly my anger is my fault. In my hungover, get-me-off-this-fucking-plane state, I left my iPod in the seatback. Poof! Gone. History. Oh well. I had it for about 3 years and it was starting to fail anyway. Time to go bargain hunting again. No, I’m not getting a fucking iPhone. I love my phone. It’s off the hizzy.

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2 Responses to Oooof! Ramadan takes its toll

  1. Gary says:

    Get a freaking camera with red-eye flash.  It looks like this <(o)>.

  2. Richard says:

    I have a freakin camera with red-eye reduction and it was on. The problem is that a) it sucks and b) all small point-and-shoot digital cameras have the problem because the flash is too close to the lens. I usually have a piece of tape that covers half of the flash, but it fell off. Besides, I work for a startup now — too po to buy a new fancy camera.

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