King cake at Powerset

I brought a little New Orleans flavor to the Powerset office today by overnighting a king cake from Gambino’s in New Orleans. Right now I’m sure my family is up in arms that I ordered a Gambino’s cake instead of a McKenzie’s cake. Our family was consistent buyers of McKenzie’s cakes and where you buy your cake in New Orleans is just as important as "who ya mama is." But hey McKenzie’s is out of business and I always liked Gambino’s, too.

The cake was a hit with it being devoured in a few minutes. I had to explain the baby thing to everyone, but I guess that the repercussions of getting the baby were lost on them. There wasn’t the usual "which piece do I take" standoff, no poking, and no prodding of the pieces that I’m used to with fellow New Orleanians. Here are a few pics of the cake:


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