An omen?

On the night that I sold my Audi S4, we get hail in San Francisco. For those of you who know how hail forms, you understand that it just doesn’t happen in San Francisco. The conditions just aren’t right. It would be like it snowing in New Orleans on Christmas Day. Wait. That happened. The winter before Katrina……eek!
It didn’t just hail once in one location. It occured at different times of the night in different locations (at least SoMA and Nob Hill). Sketch.

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2 Responses to An omen?

  1. Gary says:

    UNC sweeps.  God\’s telling you to open a college bar NOW DAMMIT!!!

  2. Richard says:

    College bars are easy to open….tough to keep open. Legal liability of patrons presenting fake identification is a motherfucker.

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