Long live the S4. The S4 is dead.

Well, not really dead. Just gone. I sold it tonight.
Overall, I’m more sad than anything. It was a great car — ran like a scalded cat yet very comfy and luxurious. Still, it wasn’t getting used much lately other than being moved from block to block to avoid street cleaning tickets. Most people are glad to get rid of their old cars for several reasons; the primary being a new car in the future and the old car was probably breaking down thus necessitating the new car. For me, neither held true. I’m not buying another car unless things change dramatically. On top of that, the ol’ S4 was, for the most part, as reliable as a wood-burning stove. Sad stuff.
On the bright side, no more parking tickets and no more feeling guilty about wasting a valuable, depreciating asset that doesn’t get any use.

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