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Watch Alberta! I command thee!

A friend of mine, Alberta Straub, has started up her own video postcasting gig about cocktails and drinks. It’s called "Cocktails on the Fly" and you should all check it out. Whoot! Go Alberta!

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Melee at Antoine’s

You west coasters won’t really understand, but right now I guarantee that my family is rolling on the ground with laughter (or shocked):   "Before they could serve the first order of oysters Rockefeller, two "apprentice waiters" at … Continue reading

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Guess I won’t be buying drinks afterall

Escaped on a technicality! 😉 Noticed this on my USAA checking statement today: Apr 26, 2007 USAA CLM PAYMENT PENDING DIRECT DEPOSIT So I guess no check in hand means no round of drinks eh?

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SFPD, you’re still fucking worthless. USAA, you can have my firstborn. It took a while, but USAA tracked down the woman who hit my motorcycle. I’m very tempted to post the person’s name who hit my bike and took off … Continue reading

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Yeah they’re just matches…

But they’re friggin cool matches!

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Blackberry shmackberry

So everyone was freaking out when all the Blackberries went dead earlier this week. I read the headline and thought, "Hrmm. Must be a lot of people with Blackberries for this story to make the headlines." Then today I see … Continue reading

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Dunno about you, but when driving on the shoulder…

I use my flashing lights all the time. Seriously, what better way to get people out of your way. Oh. Wait. The shoulder? Umm, yeah: "When asked about the incident on Wednesday, Hedge-Morrell said she rarely uses the flashing lights … Continue reading

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