Blackberry shmackberry

So everyone was freaking out when all the Blackberries went dead earlier this week. I read the headline and thought, "Hrmm. Must be a lot of people with Blackberries for this story to make the headlines." Then today I see that RIM only has 8 million subscribers. To be honest, that’s really….low. I would have guessed more towards the 18 million range. We had 8 million people on Messenger (simultaneously) in like 2000. I’m sorry, but that’s really sad — for RIM.
Remind me again why Microsoft is determined to beat RIM with Windows Mobile? So they can have that huge market all to their own? Doesn’t seem like it’s worth the effort to me. I’m with the analysts, abandon it and move on. It would be like Microsoft saying, "YES! We now control all of the sushi restaurants in North Dakota! YEAH!" Umm great. Good job in fighting over a market not worth fighting over. Quit wasting shareholder money and fix your broken software.

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