SFPD, you’re still fucking worthless. USAA, you can have my firstborn.

It took a while, but USAA tracked down the woman who hit my motorcycle. I’m very tempted to post the person’s name who hit my bike and took off like a coward. However, I’ll take the high road here. So here’s the story, the woman has no insurance and can’t pay for the bike. They’re going to set her up on some sort of monthly payment plan thing. Not my issue though, I sent USAA my repair paperwork and they’re going to pay me right away. The best part is, I don’t even have USAA as my insurer any longer. I had to switch to Geico when I sold the S4 (USAA won’t write motorcycle-only policies if you’ve been riding less than 3 years). So it’s not like they can raise my rates if they wanted to!

I’m pretty stoked now, but I’ll be buying a round once I get check in hand.


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