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Bugger! (B5 S4 RIP 2000-2007)

My old S4 is dead. Totalled. Wrecked. The person I sold it to got drunk and wrapped it around a tree or something. The guy had it less than 3 months.   Oh I’m beyond sorrow. I’m angry. That was … Continue reading

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Well, he’s not back yet, but he’s moving back to SF.   More news at 11.

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Well at least Greenspan agrees with me

Even if no one else does….

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I think I just watched the whole movie… Teaser/trailer for Rambo 4. It’s so long that it’s probably the entire movie.

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Why I never even thought of going to Google…

Hilarious. I can say that I share many of the same views as the author. Google in 3 years = Microsoft now.

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A correction sooner than later

The market has been on a slow, monotonous grind higher lately after a roaring tear the past few months. A lot of the economic data has been negative, which the bulls spin in their favor. Their argument is that a … Continue reading

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Bringing back tommyrot

That’s right, I’m taking back tommyrot. From our good friends at tommyrot –noun nonsense; utter foolishness. [Origin: 1880–85; tommy simpleton (see tomfool) + rot] —Synonyms bosh, rot, rubbish, balderdash.

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