Bugger! (B5 S4 RIP 2000-2007)

My old S4 is dead. Totalled. Wrecked. The person I sold it to got drunk and wrapped it around a tree or something. The guy had it less than 3 months.
Oh I’m beyond sorrow. I’m angry. That was a totally kick-ass car in great shape. It pained me to sell it. Now it’s gone. Bugger.
BTW, the guys at Advanced Audi (which is how I found out about this) were just as pissed off as I am. The worked (minorly mind you) on that car and were proud of it. Alas, t’is no more. Bollocks.

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1 Response to Bugger! (B5 S4 RIP 2000-2007)

  1. Gary says:

    Makes you miss those short trips to Togo\’s and the credit union.

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