Still alive, building a HTPC

Sorry for kinda going off the air there. I’ve been pretty busy with work and other things that I haven’t had much free time.
Work: The net is buzzing about Powerset right now. Things are looking good on the blogger front. Like most people who see what it is we actually do, they are impressed.
Women: Still fishing. I’m sorry, but I cannot go out with anyone who thinks that eating at Taco Bell is good.
Travel: Going to Chicago on Saturday for the 4th. Taste of Chicago here I come!
Random: Justin and I shot sporting clays last weekend at Bird’s Landing. Fun stuff! We’ll definitely head back again.
Hobbies: In an attempt to cut the cord from Comcast, I’m building a Home Theater PC running Vista Ultimate. I’m still futzing around with antennas and Over The Air (OTA) reception but overall it’s totally kickass. The OTA quality of HD channels is spectacular. Vista Media Center is also much improved over XP and probably the only reason I’d want to upgrade from XP to Vista.
Markets: Overall, doing well trading. I personally think that the bias is down to sideways at best for the rest of the summer.
iPhone: No I’m not going to buy a iPhone, but I am going to give props for shaking up the mobile phone industry. They’re mixing it up just like Powerset will with search. FYI, yogurt, cvp, and df are waiting in line for the Jesusphone.
Motorcyles: forget the bimmers. new hotness –> Aprilia Shiver 750

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