jesusphone overhype

Hrmmm….so it looks like the jesusphone hype was a bit blown out of proportion. People waiting in lines for days hoping to score an iPhone. I know more than a handful of people who did — and they succeeded in getting what they wanted. However, there were a few people who were not so lucky. You see, every AT&T store only received 60 phones regardless of size or market. NYC Wall Street AT&T? 60. Midtown Chicago AT&T? 60. Bumblefuck Nowhere? 60. However, the Apple stores had plenty of stock. Way more than enough. Those folks who camped out at AT&T stores and came up with bupkis kinda got screwed. The AT&T store managers should have told them how many they had ("Everyone after #30, you might not get one. Everyone after #60, you’re definitely not getting one"). One of my friends who wanted one but didn’t want to wait, "Yeah I went out drinking instead of fuckin waiting in line. Cruised to the Apple store before closing and picked one up with no wait, no line. I’ve never been so drunk and bought such an expensive piece of consumery before." Yeah, he said consumery. New word I guess. He’s going all Mark Twain on us. And let the apologists start their engines:

"Yeah it’s big, but not too big."
"It’s heavy. But it’s a solidly built heavy."
"EDGE isn’t so bad. It’s not UMTS, but it’s not much worse than dialup…like 33.6 dialup."

So no, I didn’t buy a jesusphone. No, I’m not going to buy one (anytime soon). I love my phone. It’s way sexier than the jesusphone. Cmon, just look!

I did score my own bit of consumery last night though. CompUSA has a 5 port gigabit switch for $20! $4 PER GIG PORT. Wow, things really are getting cheap nowadays. What do I need gig for at home? Well, moving around HD recordings from Vista Media Center can be really slow over 100 megabit Fast Ethernet (the average HD recording is 10 gigabytes per hour). 1 minute to transfer versus 10 minutes. Huge perf increase. Now I can watch things directly off my server instead of having to copy it locally first.

Enough geekin, they’ve started boarding for my plane. Outs.


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2 Responses to jesusphone overhype

  1. Gary says:

    Windows won\’t get off their sorry asses, and "discover" network teaming for desktop machines.  Pair 100\’s or gig ports and watch that sucker fly.  Waitaminute, aren\’t you TOO BUSY working, jet setting, and looking for Ms. Whole Foods to actually watch HDTV?

  2. Richard says:

    Eh, it still records stuff and moves it to my server even while I\’m on vacation. Automation for the win!

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