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Hey Owen, you got trolled by nutrollers

Hey Owen & Valleywag, you got pwnt. Glad you did, too — eat shit. I sent you a photo that you ran on your site. Not only did I not receive a "hey thanks" email in response, I did not receive a Valleywag … Continue reading

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Don’t think the housing market is a big deal?

"Oh yeah, it’ll come back. There’s nothing wrong with it. Just a little dip then it will roar back."  -Californian on the real estate market.   From a Reuters article tonight:   "Bear Stearns Cos. Inc said in a letter … Continue reading

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Another slaws article

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slaws, you rock

You’re one of the nicest people that I’ve ever met. Even though your horrible "speling" drove me up the wall, you’ll always be part of the best crew I ever worked with. Article about Scott

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Adding to the house shopping list….

I’m not buying a house quite yet, but there’s no harm in preparing a shopping list for when I do. At the top of the list, a good kitchen table: The magnet leaves are totally sweet.

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I <3 the Onion

The Great Internet Crash of 2007

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Randomness party fifty-three

Salmonella outbreak at the Taste of Chicago! I don’t think we ate at this stand, so I should be ok. But my guts were not right for that entire week….. A Chinese man with no lower torso walks again with … Continue reading

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