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Museum crush: Art Institute of Chicago

I love the place. Honestly. I do. I could spend days there. Yes, the National Gallery in London has a wider variety of things. Still, that’s an entire nation’s collection compared to a city’s citizen’s collection. In terms of English … Continue reading

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Scrappy is sorta back….still weaksauce

Scrappy is back in St Louis, chilling with the rents. He’s not up to much, but he’s moved back from Jakarta and will remain stateside for a while. Said that he left the bar with his business partners (dunno if … Continue reading

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Chicago is full of squids

So rather than put up a single "this is my trip to Chicago" post, I’m going to post things to the site in a stream-of-consciousness-style. First up, the Chicago squids. They’re everywhere. I only saw a single rider with full … Continue reading

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Do no evil?

Isn’t Google’s corporate motto, "Do no evil?" Hrmmm, looks like they talk the talk but don’t walk the walk. Check it: In short, a Google adwords salesperson writes up to the US healthcare industry about how to game their … Continue reading

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One kickass day

Started off by watching the Cubs whoop up on the Brewers from some totally kickass seats behind home plate (see ticket).   Then we had a really, really good meal at Alinea (see menu). Supposedly it’s the best restaurant in … Continue reading

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