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Housing market collapses, SF rents move up

First hand knowledge here. A super-nice young woman from Atlanta just rented the apartment across the hall from me. Same apartment, just across the hall. Only she’s paying a not insignificant amount more than me. Is the Trendyloin getting trendier? Are … Continue reading

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An idea of why I had a good time in Chicago

From In Chicago, a few businesses found a bright side to the storm raging outside on Thursday. "It was out of control," bartender Nick McCann said. "People would not leave. … We had $2 margaritas, and people were getting … Continue reading

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ooooo eat it Hotmail

This is hilarious. BTW, check the dig at Hotmail in the last 10 seconds. Awesome.

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When it’s friggin hot outside….

like 95 degrees with 85% humidity hot, my two favorite drinks (with booze) to beat the heat are the sidecar and the French 75. Great stuff. I really did forget how hot this place gets in the summer.

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Go pops!   Article about my dad’s hospital and family friend Pat Quinlan.  

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Crap. Alinea chef has cancer.

Alinea, one of the great restaurants I ate at in Chicago recently, is about to lose its chef for a while.   "Grant Achatz, 33, executive chef of acclaimed Alinea in Chicago, said he is suffering from Stage 4 squamous cell carcinoma … Continue reading

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Little more free advice…

The attached photo shows why you never ever ever trade the last 45 minutes of the day. Ever. Period.   Most of the pros have closed everything out by 3:15 ET and are going home. The last 45 minutes is wild, crazy, … Continue reading

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