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Quote of the week

"I’m really looking forward to getting a STD. I’ve been itching to get one for years now." –name witheld

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Out with the Chrome, in with the high viz…

Sadly, it’s time to retire my trusty Chrome backpack from daily use. It was a great bag that got a ton of compliments and was very comfortable. Sadly, way too many hipsters have them and it’s not very great at … Continue reading

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My Beretta, Let Me Show You It

This morning, 1AM: <BOOM> <CRASH> <BOOM> I shoot up out of bed and immediately think, "quake!" and run to the doorway. After a few seconds it dawns on me, no quake. It certainly sounded to me like a quake. There … Continue reading

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AMEX’s IVR gets mad props…

Too bad it’s probably the last time I will use it. It actually let me cancel my card and close the account all using the IVR system (say what you want) and not having to speak with any annoying humans … Continue reading

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Quote of the week

Random stereotypical Asian girl Ducati rider at Subterranean cycles: "Does wearing shorts while riding make me a squid?" Surly, seen it all, heard it all Subterranean employee: "No. Riding a literbike without a motorcycles license does."

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I love Amazon

Yes yes, for those of you who’ve known me a long time, I’m eating crow right now. "Scamazon" is now my beloved bringer of movies, TV, and music. Oh no, not in the traditional sense through the mail. I’m talking … Continue reading

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New TV series winners and losers

K-Ville – Cheesy, but I like it. Any TV series that takes place in New Orleans is going to be cheesy just like any series that takes place in Las Vegas will be cheesy. It’s a city with character and … Continue reading

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