I love Amazon

Yes yes, for those of you who’ve known me a long time, I’m eating crow right now. "Scamazon" is now my beloved bringer of movies, TV, and music. Oh no, not in the traditional sense through the mail. I’m talking about Unbox and their new MP3 service. I’m getting my content digitally downloaded off of their website.
In short, they both rock (oh and fuck you very much Apple).
Now that I’ve dumped Comcast, I had a choice of where to get cable-based TV shows like Weeds and Dexter. The obvious choice that most people would say — iTunes. Well, let’s just say that iTunes (the app) sucks, Apple’s TV device offering (sucks), Apple’s attitude toward the whole experience….you guessed it, sucks.
The Amazon experience? Butter. I can sit at work and click on shows to buy or rent. My Vista media center PC will automatically start downloading them and add them to the list of video titles. Nothing to do other than that! 1 click and it’s there. I’m sure the experience on Tivo is very similar (and good). The integration with Vista Media Center is just so good. There’s nothing special to do and it’s not buried under some weird special menus. It’s just right there. Boom. Done. Piece of cake. Also, weekend movie rentals for 99 cents!
I’m also hoping for good things on the Amazon music service. High bitrate (256 kbps VBR) MP3 files for 89 cents with no DRM! Booyah! Take that Apple you rat bastards! No more DRM. No more strict Apple pricing. No more having to deal with iTunes or being locked into the iPod. It’s just a plain old MP3. Yeah yeah yeah. I normally don’t like the MP3 format but for downloading snappy tune of the moment, it’s good enough. FLAC 4life!

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1 Response to I love Amazon

  1. Gary says:

    Richard\’s gone legit?  No torrenting Jenna Jamison to a stack of DVD-R\’s?

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