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Ship anything lately?

Boy is it expensive to ship things UPS these day. $37 to ship my motorcycle helmet back to Arai using UPS ground! It’s not exactly a heavy package either. 3 day air was over $90! Only $1.67 of that was … Continue reading

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Why 6th Street will always remain a craphole

When I’m bored in the morning and waiting for the futures markets to make a move, I love to read San Francisco-geared real estate cites like curbed SF and Socket Site. There’s a legion of desperate bagholders on the forums … Continue reading

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Holy moly there are a lot of people out shopping today

Dayum! I had some last minute Christmas shopping to do today and a little personal shopping as well. I guess that most people would attack the retailers on Sunday or Monday (Christmas Eve). They still might be planning to do … Continue reading

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Working for startups is fun….

Or Powersetters are bunch of drunks… Like a lot of tech companies, we have free drinks in a fridge for all to consume: V8, Vitamin Water, Rockstar, wait….what’s that on the lower shelf? mmmm beeer…  

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Dave Chappelle sure is funny for a man with no material

Saw Dave Chappelle last night at Punchline in San Francisco with a whole bunch of people (Mig, Schiffrin, Justin, Sybil, Reza, Cupini). To be honest, he was hilarious. He kept saying, "I got no material, I’m just up here wingin’ … Continue reading

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Quote of the weekend….

At the New Century this past weekend: "You see the scars on that stripper?""Yeah dude. Like gills on a shark."

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OK, I’m not alone here

The guys on Top Gear ripped the US for awarding the Chevy Tahoe the Green Car of the Year Award. They also pointed out that Carroll Shelby, Jay Leno, and Mario Andretti were on the selection committee. Good choices there … Continue reading

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