Holy moly there are a lot of people out shopping today

Dayum! I had some last minute Christmas shopping to do today and a little personal shopping as well. I guess that most people would attack the retailers on Sunday or Monday (Christmas Eve). They still might be planning to do that, but holy cow were there a lot of people out. Market Street was crazy packed. Traffic was insane; I’m glad I ride a motorcycle. Still, I had to so some guerilla urban moto riding (lane splitting, passing on right, sidewalk jumping) to get there. A few observations:

1) Short Anthropologie or their parent company. The store in SF isn’t huge, but there were only 2 people working the registers on this big retail day. In fact, they only have 2 registers installed in the store. It’s lame to set yourself up for defeat like that. I was waiting in line for over ten minutes to get some gift cards. Two disparate groups of people also in line couldn’t take the wait and left. That’s serious attrition for 10 minutes.

2) Jake is everywhere. I ran into him on Stockton, leaving the Apple store. He said the Apple store was the cheapest place to get HDMI cables. I didn’t want to make a fool of him in front of his new possible woman, but he’s wrong. The cheapest place to get cables is monoprice.com. They rock and no I don’t get kickbacks from them.

3) People tend to get out of your way on crowded sidewalks if you’re wearing motorcycle gear. Granted, I was only wearing my new Alpinestars Space Drystar touring jacket, but it was like the Red Sea up in there. I guess they realize that if they do smack into me, I’m not the one who’s going to get hurt. Or maybe everyone thinks motorcyclists are crazy, psychotic lawbreakers. Except for…..

4) This new generation of youths that constantly have their heads down while walking. They’re always tapping away on some Nintendo DS, cellphone, Sidekick, etc. One ran into me today on Market Street, and I sent her crashing to the pavement. It’s not like I lowered the boom on her or anything. I had nowhere else to go and she just walked into me. So maybe I didn’t exactly try my hardest to dodge her, but I hope she learned her lesson. Damn kids these days — can I short America?


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  1. Gary says:

    Berkshire Hathaway called.  They want you as Warren\’s new "Katie".

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