Why 6th Street will always remain a craphole

When I’m bored in the morning and waiting for the futures markets to make a move, I love to read San Francisco-geared real estate cites like curbed SF and Socket Site. There’s a legion of desperate bagholders on the forums that tout the 5&6th Street and Market area as the second coming of Seacliff. Mint Plaza this, Soma Grand that. They got suckered into paying way too much for real estate in the second shittiest part of town (Tenderloin represent!). I don’t know why but they defend their terrible decision with great zeal and passion in said websites’ forums. Either misery loves company (they want more suckers), or they are truly deluded. This area is, and always will be, a dumping ground for the dregs of society.

After dodging many crackheads, homeless, bums, and drunks in Soma traffic, I finally found some motorcycle spots near the new Mint Plaza. I backed into one, saw the sign saying to pay at the multi-station meter, locked my helmet into the spiderlock on my bike, and went looking for the kiosk. No kiosk to be found — yay free parking! On my way to Mission Street, I noticed a crackhead loitering around a motorcycle parked across the street. Ah crap, this is one of those Best of Craigslist areas. As I unlocked my helmet I hear, "Hey brother you got some money for me?" "I’m not your brother and no, I don’t." The bum mumbles something and walks away towards a couple walking to their car. At this point I’m thinking about moving my motorcycle to another parking spot/area but decide to stay put. I walk up and check out the much hailed Mint Plaza.  It’s a fancy sidewalk with a bunch of orange chairs folks. That’s it. That’s all it ever will be. Sure there’s some gallery opening up (supposedly — dunno it looks blank to me) and some other things slated to move in that don’t strike me as spectacular. Seriously people? Why all the hype about some new sidewalk around 5 Flavored Coffee? While peering in the windows of under construction spaces, the bum approached me again and asked for money. This time I told him to get bent. This confused him so I got to the point and told him to fuck right off — he got that. As I walked to Anthropologie on Market, I was approached a few more times by bums and passed at least a dozen others in a two block walk. There was a police presence out to keep them from getting too aggressive with the holiday shoppers, but johnny law seemed more occupied with cruising for dates than protecting and serving.

Then it really, really sank in. That entire area is a write-off. Just like a $10 billion subprime mortgage write-off from a bank, that entire area is a write-off by the people of San Francisco. The police are there to confine the crazies, crackheads, and bums to this area. I’ve long thought that this was the case from my days of living at 4th & Harrison. Having lived elsewhere in the city for two years, I have confirmation. 6th Street and adjacent streets will never be a good place to live and a terrible real estate investment. Want more proof? Check out the huge barren area of motorcycle parking around 6th Street at http://www.purplemoments.com/sfparking/index.html. There’s tons of moto parking in other parts of densely packed downtown…Around 6th? Nope. None. Nobody wants to go there, nor would anyone park their ride there.


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