OK I’ve been a little lax…

I haven’t been blogging at all the past few months. I know. I suck. I’m sorry. I blame ftg.

It wasn’t until a coworker reminded me of this today that I realized how long it’s been. Damn, I’m behind. The quick rundown:

1) Powerset launched. When it worked, it was awesome. When it didn’t work, it was fucking atrociously terrible.
2) Powerset sells to Microsoft for an atrociously low valuation due to certain events. Lips sealed in public on this one.
3) Rather than return to work at Microsoft (after a mildly insulting offer), I quit.
4) I met with the good folks at Mochi Media and decide to become their ops guy.
5) I devote 12 hours of every day to the good people of Mochi. This is tiring stuff.
6) Oh yeah, I finally got the Aprilia hotness! Wooo! The BMW is for sale if anyone is interested.
7) The big financial bailout thing? Yeah, I’m pretty much against it in every way, manner, shape and form. Oh and I predicted that this crap would happen back in January. This really brings my piss to a boil.
8) Several women have come and gone. Mostly gone. Meh.
9) One of my best friends from high school is getting married in Sedona on Saturday. I’ll be there — relaxing, having a good time, and enjoying the slow life while catching up with old friends.

I’m out!


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