I knew something was off

Previously, I said that Monday’s huge 1 gajillion point up move didn’t feel right. Well, my hunch was dead on. We’re going back to the lows to test them. Either we test them on lower volume than before, reject the price, then head higher…..or we blow through them on heavy volume and things get nutty again. Either way I’ll be buying, it’s just a matter of timing. Things are crazy again in the after hours, the opening 20 minutes tomorrow will be key. I’d prefer a gap down so I could start buying after the first counter trend rally, rather than trying to figure out when the selling has abated on a gap up fade.

Speaking of openings, the options market is pricing in a 4-5% move between Thursday’s close and Friday’s open. Up or down I don’t know, but it’s going to be a huge move. I think GOOG’s earnings call Thursday night will be crucial since it’s such a bellwether stock. If GOOG tanks, we tank. If GOOG does OK (even average), we fly Friday morning. This truly is a historic moment we’re all living through and will probably never see again in our lives. This is different than 911, different than the ’87 one day crash, and ’98 mini crash. None of those ever reached these levels of fear and risk. However, with great risk comes great reward. I’m looking to hopefully make the right decisions and make a shitload of money.


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