Why I called for the stabbing of Goldman Sachs employees

From a comment I wrote on Facebook:

Well, after trading various financial instruments for more than a
decade, I realized long ago that Goldman Sachs is dirtier than a pig in
shit. As more of this bailout crap comes to light, the anger just
swelled even more. Taibbi’s article in this month’s Rolling Stone was
the blow that sealed the deal. I’m sure other firms aspire to be just
as dirty,
but they don’t have nearly as many alums in the important lever-pulling
roles of our political system. They just can’t compete against GS in
that department. GS has the game completely rigged and will continue
rigging it for the foreseeable future. It’s for that reason that I
believe Goldman Sachs is the greatest threat to America’s security and
well-being. Kim Jong-Il has nothing on Larry Blankfein. That being the
case that it is, I can only argue for summary eradication just as you
would any other cockroach.

also: cocks


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