Told you so! Told you so!

Anyone who knows me knows that I’ve been predicting this market bloodbath for about a year now. It should have started a long time ago and lasted a lot longer. Instead, we’re getting all the drops in a few days and it’s really disturbing "the system." Well you know how I feel about that; the system is broken. Abolish the Federal Reserve, abolish fiat currency, and we’ll start to recover.

Any kind of bounce that occurs will be just that, a bounce. It’ll be fierce as we’ve got a lot of first-time shorts and johnny-come-lately shorts in the game. It’ll smell like the real deal and sucker in a lot of longs. It’ll last 6-8 days probably. Should you buy it? For a trade initially. Then dump it and short hard into the rally. The next leg down will be vicious (I predict stock market closures in Europe and maybe the US).

If you’re short, I’d cover right now. Next week is options expiration week and bears have been torched going into those the past four or so. The government always pulls some shenanigans and the bulls go for the jugular. Cover now and enjoy the weekend. If you’re anything like me, you’ve already made a few years returns in a few weeks.

We got UNC v. Notre Dame on the tube, Blue Angels in San Francisco, good weather, and ….uh…beer! Forget the markets this weekend and enjoy the fact you’re living.


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